3D GPS Trencher

Topcon’s 3D Trencher designed for digging trenches with the use of 3D technology.  Eliminating the need to reference and check alignments by using GPS and TS-1 Tilt Sensors to control the blade the 3D Trencher makes digging trenches easy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Avoid trenching too deep
  • More accurate alignment of excavation
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Same user interface for all Topcon’s 3DMC

GX-60 Control Box

  • High-resolution, bright, color, touch screen display.
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB communication.
  • Adjustable side or rear mounting options.
  • Quick-disconnect connectors.
  • Internal back-up battery pack

TS-1 Tilt Sensor

  • Environmentally sealed
  • No moving parts
  • 3-axis, 360° sensor
  • CAN port interface
  • 0.01 degree resolution

MC-R3 GNSS Receiver

  • G3 Tracking technology
  • Network capable receiver with GSM / CDMA
  • UHF & Spread Spectrum radio options
  • LED status indicators
  • Advance Multipath Reduction (AMR)

Avoid trenching too deep

By utilizing the TS-1 Sensors for controlling the arm the operator can avoid trenching to deep or too shallow.  The TS-1 sensor work with the MC-R3 and GX-60 Control box to update the teeth position real-time.  Knowing the depth at all times gives the operator confidence in the trench being constructed by plan without requiring someone in the trench constantly checking grade.

More accurate alignment of excavation

Using the TS-1 and GNSS position from the MC-R3 the alignment of the trench is more accurate than conventional methods.  This technology also promotes a safer work environment by eliminating the need to have someone in the trench checking the position.

Fast and easy to use

Easy to install, easy to setup and ready to work in minutes!  The ease of use and ease of setup eliminate down time and keep the operator working.  The 3D interface allows the machine to move around the job site without requiring him to wait for grade stakes or alignment files.  Based on the same 3D job files as other Topcon 3D machines the operator has a constant reference to where he is on the site.

Same user interface for all Topcon’s 3DMC

As with all Topcon 3D systems the operator interface is intuitive and easy to use.  The same 3DMC interface as all other Topcon 3D systems powers the 3D Trencher.  A seamless transition form other 3D machines gives the operator confidence in his daily tasks on any machine.