2D Paving P-32

Over a decade ago Topcon’s System Five set the standard for 2D Paving.  Now Topcon is proud to offer its newest 2D paving system: P-32. The proven Sonic Tracker and Cross Slope sensor complete the P-32 system that will give you high quality results in any 2D paving application.  With the new
GC-35 control box, new bracket design and improved, lighter and more durable cables, 2D paving has never been easier!

Features and Benefits

  • Fully compatible with System Five
  • Extreme environmental specifications
  • Large full-color display
  • Dual control with one control box
  • Includes casted carrying case

GC-35 Paver System Control Box

  • Waterproof and IP67 rated
  • Backward compatible with System Five pavers
  • Superior design with side mount connectors
  • Faster processor and easy Performance
  • Menu access
  • Able to operate both sides from one control box

Sonic Tracker®

  • Reference: elevated stringline, surface string, poured curbs, or an existing surfaces
  • Rugged Cast Housing With Completely Sealed internal electronics
  • Easy To Attach and position over Reference
  • Bright grade indication LED’s


Slope Sensor

  • Exclusive anti-slosh ceramic technology
  • Completely sealed internal electronics
  • Rugged cast housing

Trackerjack Laser Receiver

  • 360° gap-less receiving
  • Motorized trackerjack gets the receiver on-grade quickly and “locks-on” to keep it there
  • Bright grade indication LED’s display continuous grade information
  • Compatible with all Topcon lasers

Fully Compatible with System Five

The new GC-35 control box and P-32 paving system was designed to be fully compatible with the existing System Five system.  Compatibility and versatility at your finger tips.  The proven Sonic Tracker and Cross Slope sensor complete the P-32 system, and will give you high quality results in any 2D paving application. Clean joints, solid string line performance and smooth roads will be the result.

Extreme Environmental Specifications

The components are rated IP-67 to work in all harsh environments.  The USB connector to the control box makes for quick and easy firmware upgrades and will allow the user to stay up-to-date as future development occurs.

Large – Full Color Display

The fully configurable, sunlight-readable display gives the operator the chance to work while using an interface as straightforward as System Five, but with added advantages.

Dual Operation with One Control Box

A highly sought after feature is added and now available with the P-32 paving system, being able to operate both sides of the machine with one control box.  No longer will 2D paving require separate control boxes for each side if the machine!

Casted Carrying Case

Durability was the focus all the way to the cast carrying case included with the GC-35 control box.  A ruggedly designed case to help protect the display during transport, storage and day to day removal.  Keeps the moisture out and protects the display from all of the elements.

GC-35 Control Box

This new 2D asphalt paver system features control boxes that are rugged and waterproof with an IP67 environmental rating. No need to work about getting caught in a rainstorm, overspray from a water truck or putting wet control boxes into a carrying case.

The new control boxes have a superior design, a faster processor and better on-screen options. Designed with the cables coming out sideways from the control boxes (instead of coming out of the bottom) will help keep cables away from moving parts on the paver. The increased processor speed and improved on-screen options makes the system faster to run and easier to use.  It can be sold on new pavers or as an upgrade to the System Five 9256 control boxes. The GC-35 also comes with a new mounting bracket, cables and heavy duty double shelled carrying case.

With a 3.5 inch color graphics LCD the display is easy to see night or day. You can view elevation and slope values for both sides of the screed from either side. Calibrating the system is much easier with on-screen menu choices and is faster than using the previous generation of boxes.


2D Paving System Options

Sonic Averaging System (SAS)

Topcon’s Sonic Averaging System has been the paving industry’s first choice as a non-contacting replacement to the conventional mechanical ski. The Sonic Averaging System is comprised of a 24 ft. aluminum beam holds four Sonic Trackers which continuously measure the elevation over the surface, automatically averaging and adjusting tow point cylinder. The SAS is convenient, maneuverable and produces a great finished surface.


Smoothtrac utilizes four Sonic Tracker sensors working in unison to provide superior averaging results while eliminating the cleaning and repair inherent in traditional skis. Smoothtrac adds additional electronic averaging to further smooth the ride. With Smoothtrac, you can back-up, turn around, even pave around curves without removing the ski. When not in use it folds up and out of the way.

Upgradeable to 3D with mmGPS

The next generation of asphalt paver control – and Smoothtrac® – are fully upgradeable. mmGPS – from the innovators in asphalt paver automation!

Imagine controlling your paver right from digital site plans. As you pave you’re producing exact thickness at exact slope automatically. No following stringlines, curbs, or other surface references.

At the heart of Millimeter GPS™ is Topcon’s Lazer Zone™ technology. This revolutionary technology brings together the simplicity of a rotating laser, the accuracy of a robotic total station, and the flexibility and multiple user capabilities of GPS into one complete jobsite solution! Topcon combines this revolutionary new transmitter with the PZS-MC receiver and Topcon’s GX-60 Control Box and slope sensor to create a system that’s changing the face of paver automation.

Knowing where the paver is located within the digital site plan, and knowing the grade required at that exact position, the control box sends correction signals to the screed to precisely maintain mat thickness and slope for that position on the site. And mmGPS is fast, continuously updating position and grade information so you work as fast as you want.