MAGNET Site is a fully featured constructible model and survey software solution for any machine control, land development and road design project.

It is the proven software solution for contractors and 3D model builders thanks to its customizable options and comprehensive editing capabilities. Easily elevate 2D plans and create 3D road and site models from CAD or PDF files. Simplify complex road design projects and enable the streamlined design of road corridors, highways and intersections.

  • 3D modeling for 3DMC systems, with 3D preview feature
  • Extensive 2D to 3D tool set with most versatile textures in the market
  • Full road design functionality
  • Merging of surface models
  • Automated pad design with automatic cut/fill balance
  • Multiple volume routines
  • Automated CAD data cleanup
  • Output of machine control files
  • Review of different design discipline models
  • BIM modeling, simulation and clash detection
  • Easy import of multiple file formats including Bentley .dgn, AutoCAD .dwg, LandXML and IFC


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Layout and Survey functionality

    Secure connectivity to both MAGNET Enterprise as well as Sitelink3D

    Subscribe to the MAGNET Enterprise secure web service and communicate, upload, and access data in real-time with just a touch of a button.

    Add Sitelink3D to directly interact with each equipped machine and haul truck. Whether your foremen and grade checkers run MAGNET Field Site, or Pocket 3D, you are always able to communicate and exchange data with them.