3D i-53 Indicate Dozer

The i53 dozer system uses a combination of modern components to give you a powerful 3D indicate solution.  Built to perform in the harshest conditions, the system uses the tough TS-i3 tilt sensors to give Indicate dozing the added advantage of knowing the slope and pitch of the blade –  increasing your capabilities on complex slopes.

Features & Benefits :

  • Robust TS-i3 tilt sensor for added benefit of blade slope and pitch
  • Intuitive grade guidance with modern and graphical GX-55 control box
  • Build slopes on the fly and maintain grade using bright integrated LED light bars
  • Increases dozer applications – tackle any slope with confidence
  • Improve jobsite safety and project awareness with in Cab 3D views of site plan with modern field software

Maximum Flexibility

Easily handle complex job sites or detailed design plans for your earthwork
operations. The i-53 system comes with the most modern and graphical field
software for any machine control system. The software seamlessly processes
and converts key elements within the design – giving you the freedom to
work anywhere within the jobsite with 3D information at your fingertips.

Configurations :

3D Indicate – Single GNSS antenna

3D Indicate – Single GNSS antenna with Slope Sensor

3D Indicate – Dual GNSS antennas

TS-i3 Tilt Sensors

Built to withstand any environment, the TS-i3 tilt sensor holds a remarkable IP69K rating and performs flawlessly in the most challenging conditions.  Direct communication between the TS-i3 to the MC-i4 receiver delivers data streams at 250k – significantly reducing GNSS lag time for optimum productivity.

GX-55 Control Box

The bright and robust GX-55 delivers the highest quality graphical interface experience for modern machine control.  The GX-55 was designed to handle rugged field conditions as well as harness powerful processing power needed to instantly display real time position and project design information.

MC-i4 GNSS Receiver

The MC-i4 receiver features internal SL-R4 board which contains an integrated digital UHF radio, LongLinkTM Bluetooth, and a GSM/CDMA modem for Sitelink3D ready on almost all network connections