3D X53X Excavator

3D machine control workflows improve the productivity, accuracy and profitability of excavator projects. Topcon delivers the most advanced and precise GPS positioning technology coupled with advanced sensors, controllers and easy-to-use on-board software. Productivity improvements of 30% or more are common – even for experienced operators.

List of currently supported brands and models*

  • John Deere – 160, 180, 190, 210, 245, 250, 300, 345, 350, 380, 470, 670
  • Hitachi – 160, 180, 190, 210, 245, 250, 300, 345, 350, 380, 470, 670
  • Komatsu – PC138, PC210, PC228, PC290
  • Kobelco – SK170LC-10, SK210LC-10, SK260LC-10, SK270SRLC-5, SK300LC-10, SK350LC-9E
  • Caterpillar – 323F, 330F, 349F, 390F**
  • JCB – 220X

*Electrohydraulic valves are currently not supported
**Platform brands/models that are in final validation and will be available soon

X-53x Indicate
The X-53x Indicate system provides real-time, dynamic on-screen bucket location and design views.

  • Cut grade faster and more accurately
  • Create, cut, and check complex designs from the cab
  • Increase safety by removing the grade checker from the trench

X-53x Auto
Upgrading to the “Automatic” system helps operators automatically control the digging depth and bucket angle when inside a “working window.” The operator can easily execute imported design files or create a custom design from the cab of the excavator using the bucket to take topo shots.

  • Automatic system engages inside a configurable “working window”
  • Use imported designs or create them “on the fly” using the bucket to take topo shots
  • Lock bucket attack angle
  • Bucket follows complex designs by simply pulling back on the left joystick
  • Support for boom automation in tilt/rotator applications

Integrated power

The X-53x system features fully-integrated, multi-constellation GR-i3 receivers for precise positioning of the boom, stick and bucket. The GR-i3 is designed as an integrated GNSS receiver and antenna, providing powerful performance in harsh environmental conditions. The automatic option includes custom joysticks and an integrated hydraulic control valve.