3D X53i LPS Excavator

Topcon’s LPS for excavators uses our leading optical technology combined with our versatile MC-i4 receiver to deliver through the lens machine control on all 3D jobsites.

Features & Benefits :

  • Excavate underground or GNSS obstructed areas
  • Advanced prism tracking – staying on grade all the time
  • Robust TS-i3 slope sensors for ultimate bucket control
  • GX-55 control box grade guidance with integrated LED light bars and audible tones
  • Precision 3D control using PS total station optical technology

No sky, no problem

Topcon’s powerful PS robotic total station connected with your excavator through LongLink™ (Bluetooth) seamlessly delivers a constant 3D data
stream while working in mines, under bridges, in tree canopies or any environment where satellite signals are weak or non existent. Constant
tracking of the prism through algorithms in 3D-MC working with the sensors and IMU ensures you stay on grade in every critical excavating moment.
The X-53i LPS system comes fully equipped with three TS-i3 slope sensors, a multi-configurable MC-i4 GNSS receiver, the modern GX-55 control box,
and a robust Epson IMU sensor – delivering ultimate bucket position and elevation awareness.


X-53i LPS System :


GX-55 Control Box

TS-i3 Tilt Sensor

MC-i4 Receiver