3D X53 Excavator

Topcon brings the future of machine control to you today with the affordable X-53 3D system for excavators.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple views (plan, profile, section) display real time position of the Bucket, Stick, Boom and entire machine.
  • Easy to use color Cut/Fill Indicator for instant grade verification.
  • Elevation reference lets you control grade on the left, right, or middle of your bucket.
  • Change buckets on the fly.

Topcon’s X-53 3D Excavator provides the operator with all the information needed to expedite excavation tasks. Unlike laser excavator systems, X53 enables the operator to “see” his machine’s exact position in relation to the site, enabling precise positioning over utility centerlines. In real time the operator can also see the position of the teeth of the bucket compared to the finish design which is very helpful in deep cuts, blind excavations or when working around structures.

Multiple Views

The X-53 3D Excavator offers the operator several view options.  Plan View, Profile View and Section View to mention a few.  With this versatility built in the 3DMC software the operator can use multiple views to accomplish the simplest tasks all the way through the most complex excavating tasks.

Cut / Fill Indicator

3D-MC offers a simple to use, easy to see grade indicator that represents the position of the bucket teeth in reference to the design surface at all times.  By utilizing GPS the operator knows not only where they are at on the job site at all times, but also gives them elevation reference at all areas of the job site.

Elevation Reference

Another feature of using the X-53 3D Excavator is the option to reference the bucket in multiple spots.  reference the left, right or center of the bucket to build complex slopes and ditched with ease. A versatile one touch, touchscreen option in 3DMC through the GX-55 control box.

No Linearization Required

The TS-1 tilt sensors are rugged, shockproof and water proof sensors that do not require a lengthy linearization process on a day to day basis.  Once the X-53 is calibrated its as simple as turning the system on each day and start working.  Simplicity at it’s finest!

Change Buckets on the Fly

3D-MC on the X-53 3D Excavator allows the operator to build and store multiple bucket configurations. This feature allows the operator to switch between multiple buckets but simply selecting the proper bucket from the list.  With no downtime switching buckets and needing to re-reference the components, the productivity of the excavator will soar!