3D Motor Grader

We make sure the investment you make today will work for you in the future. Topcon’s building block design allows you to add new sensors or technologies to your system such as mmGPS and Networks as they become available without having to buy a whole new system.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged color touch-screen control box displays blade position and distance to design
  • Real-time cut/fill mapping – move material only once
  • Backwards compatible with existing Topcon MC systems
  • Enter off-sets easily for cutting sub-grade
  • Increase grading productivity significantly
  • Reduce staking on jobsite almost entirely
  • Control materials to your advantage
  • Complete projects on time or ahead of schedule

For road building, site work, contour grading, or any other complex surface grading requirements, Topcon’s 3D-GPS+ will put more money to your bottom line  where it counts. With the reality of nearly eliminating grade stakes, providing unmatched material control capability, and the simplest user interface in the industry, you are sure to integrate Topcon 3D technology successfully into your business.

What is Stakeless Grading?

What’s the greatest source of delay on your jobs? Placing, and replacing stakes has been a necessary headache in construction, until now. GPS machine control combines two fantastic technologies, Satellite Positioning and Digital 3D models, so that your machine operators can see themselves moving on the site plan in real time, with cut/fill information constantly displayed anywhere. This gives them much more information than stakes can, and faster. And now, one grade checker can work the whole site because the machines are independent. Everyone knows exactly where they are, and they have all the job information at their fingertips! That’s stakeless grading!

GPS + GLONASS + Galileo

Topcon was the first to offer the dramatic increase in performance of GPS+, our unique combination of both the American GPS system and the Russian GLONASS satellite system. Complex technology, but a simple result: unbeatable performance and uptime. Now, you don’t need to sit idle waiting for enough satellites to be visible to your machines. You won’t need to think about satellites hardly ever, because Topcon is making sure you get the performance you demand. And our new G3 technology reads not only all current satellites, but future systems as well, so that you can buy a system today and get cutting edge performance for years. Only from Topcon.