3D Motor Grader LPS

Rather than GPS signals, Topcon’s LPS-PS utilizes a high-accuracy, fast auto-tracking Total Station to maintain machine position information via machine mounted prism.

Features & Benefits

  • Topcon XTRAC prism tracking technology
  • 20Hz update rate
  • Long range 2.4Ghz interference free radio
  • Insures all your jobsites have 3D control 24/7 High accuracy for tight tolerance projects Simple & fast conversion between LPS and GPS communications
  • GX-60 control box runs LPS, GPS and all 3D controls
  • Visual graphic on display for acquiring lost beam
  • Same robot used with Pocket 3D as layout/grade checking tool

Robotic Based Local Positioning Grade Automation

As it tracks the machine/prism, the Total Station maintains exact machine position / grade information per an internally loaded digital site plan. Grade adjustments are then transmitted to the machine 20 times per second via radio from the Total Station. It’s simple, reliable, and the perfect alternative when GPS reception is limited. Compatible with Topcon’s machine mounted GPS grade control components, it’s a quick and easy change to swap LPS for GPS and keep productivity to a maximum.

Based on our popular PS robotic total station platform, the LPS-PS offers high accuracy position control over your entire site, to within a few millimeters. Topcon’s new robotic total stations utilize the patented XTRAC technology to track machines at speeds up to 35 MPH. Machine and blade position is updated 20 times per second, fast enough to meet the tightest jobsite specs. This speed and accuracy makes difficult and complex sites easy to grade.

Switching existing GPS+ systems to LPS-PS is simple. Put up the total station on a control point, place a 360° prism on the vibration pole and a RS-5 radio in the cab and you’re ready to go to work. The robotic total station locates the 360° prism and sends the X, Y, Z position of the cutting edge to the machine via radio link. The operator can now work as before, but with very high accuracy. Obstructions to the sky no longer hinder your work or slow you down. Whatever the conditions are at the job, Topcon LPS-PS can help you get it done fast and accurately.

Sensor Freedom

Topcon has a long history of leadership in machine control. We build a wide variety of sensors, each of which has applications where it shines out as the best choice. Want to use a laser? A sonic system? Need the high accuracy of a total station? Want to blend your sensors on a single machine? Only Topcon allows what we call Sensor Freedom: you choose the sensor type(s) best suited to your application, plug them in to your Topcon machine control system, and off you go. Topcon’s component-based system takes it all in stride, so you can too.