3D-MC Max Dozer

Topcon’s premier integrated dozing system, 3D-MCMAX delivers the highest quality solution for any rough or fine grading application.

Features & Benefits

  • Single or dual GNSS antenna for 6 way blade control
  • Eliminates the need for front-mounted mast and cables
  • Superior performance for any rough or fine grading application
  • Increased blade response
  • Accurate as-built data for volume and productivity reporting

MAXimum Speed, MAXimum Control, MAXimum Performance

The core of the new 3D-MCMAX dozer system are the rugged MC2+ IMU sensors.  Working in unison, these hyper-accurate IMU’s keep the cutting edge steady on any slope.

Built for speed, versatility, and performance these dual IMU’s allow for faster grading with minimal blade vibration – leaving a clean, smooth surface for any slope angle.

Mastless Blade Dozer

Much of the power of the system lies within the two IMU sensors. These robust and highly precise sensors work together with ruggedized cab-mounted antennas conveniently placed in a secure location on the machine. This intelligent design gives the operator unobstructed visibility and the flexibility to doze at full throttle on any surface, under objects, or while in reverse.

The 3D-MCMAX system can be used for fine grading applications similar to a motor grader. Once finished rough grading, quickly transition to finish grading and get the job done faster with your dozer. The two IMU sensors working together keep the blade as close to the surface as possible – delivering a smooth and consistent pass for any slope.

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