2D Motor Grader Sonic

Topcon’s 2D laser control set the standard for motor grader control for years! 2D gives you the flexibility to use reference to work from: existing surface, a previous cut, curbstone or a string line.

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth, consistent hydraulic response
  • Most advanced graphical control box
  • Reliable acoustic system
  • 100 % slope control
  • Upgradable system

Sonic Systems

Topcon’s 2D motor grader sonic systems represent a giant leap in motor grader grade control. Completely user friendly, user definable and upgradeable, they’re flexible enough to apply to even the most difficult jobs. System 5 sonic control featuring smooth, consistent hydraulic response fully upgradeable to Topcon’s 3DMC GPS+ motor grader control forms the platform for complete automatic motor grader control.

The sonic control system includes slope, rotation and main fall sensors to measure the blade’s slope and a sonic tracker attached to the blade. The sonic tracker itself will present the desired elevation to the operator via indicator lights or even send corrections directly to the machine’s hydraulics.

With 2D motor grader sonic control, you’ll eliminate over cutting and control material usage saving you time and money. With these systems the operator is really in control. Slope, elevation, speed and efficient.

Typical automatic motor grader control can be done in different ways, depending on the application. A string line set up is very common, allowing the machine to fine grade using the string line as a reference. Besides string lines, sidewalks and other references are often used to fix elevation with the sonic tracker.

2D sonic control – the system that grows as you grow

The System V-2D sonic control platform offers a fully upgradeable solution to Topcon’s industry leading 3DMC GPS+, mmGPS and LPS motor grader systems. With the addition of GPS+ and software you will realize the freedom and production that only the most advanced GNSS capabilities can bring as well as the usage of standard survey total stations.

Sonic tracker

Adding the Sonic tracker to your motor grader puts the power of sonic accurate grade at the operator’s fingertips. Simply mount the sensor on the blade and follow a physical reference. With the arrow indicators you will have an indi- cate system. When connecting this directly to your control box and hydraulics you will use this information to automatically control the motor grader’s blade. Imagine the speed this will give you to get to finished level!

Upgrade to 3D GPS+ or 3D LPS control

When you’re ready, upgrade your sonic control to the most advance 3DMC motor grader system.

Experience the benefits of Topcon’s satellite positioning based 3DMC GPS+ or standard robotic total station based 3DMC LPS motor grader grade control. 3DMC provides all the advantages of satellite positioning technology and standard survey possibilities with the superior performance and usability of Topcon’s standard machine control.

In addition to sonic control, 3DMC features like complex designs, viewable blade position and increased safety, 3DMC enables the operator to “see” his machine’s exact position within the site.