2D Dozer

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast, accurate performance maximizes productivity.
  • Simple, easy-to-use operator interface means it will be used.
  • System Five Control Boxes and sensors are compatible with many machines; graders, dozers, compactors, pavers, profilers…
  • Reliability designed in, with tough, rugged components and cables

Topcon’s System Five gives you the advanced automatic machine control technology needed for a competitive edge in today’s market. System Five is available in either a single hydraulic function or dual hydraulic function platform. The Single System Five control box controls your dozer’s elevation lift cylinders, while the Dual System Five control box controls both the elevation and slope cylinders. You can customize System Five with Topcon’s complete line of optional equipment including laser receivers, sonic control, and slope sensors for a variety of application needs.

System Five features an easy-to-use interface for superior machine control with less effort, and increased accuracy and performance for higher productivity and better control of costly materials. For contractors seeking a competitive edge, look no further than Topcon’s System Five!

9256 Single System Five

  • Large, backlit graphical display
  • Dial-type rotary grade knobs
  • Simple push-button switches
  • Up to 3 Elevation Offsets capability
  • Simple, fingertip menu and operator functions
  • Slope Sensor
  • Superior accuracy and response
  • Rugged sealed electronics
  • Temperature compensated sensing element
  • Standard 20% or wide range 100% measurement
  • Compatible with System Five and 3D-MC

9164 Control Box

  • Large, backlit graphical display
  • Dial-type rotary grade knobs
  • Tough embedded membrane switches
  • Up to 5 Elevation Offsets capability
  • Multiple remote switch options

Laser TrackerJack Receiver

  • Lightweight receiver/electric mast goes on and off in seconds, without tools
  • receiver/electric mast goes on and off in seconds, without tools
  • Laser receiver and motorized “electric mast” is small and light enough to fit in a small carry case
  • Bright grade indication LEDs display continuous grade information
  • Compatible with all Topcon lasers and most other lasers

Features that provide Simplicity and maximize Performance:

  • Large graphical display: Easy-to-see, easy to use operator interface.
  • Bright, 3 color LED’s with Auto-Dim:  The operator can monitor grade easily with the bright 3 color grade display with Red-Raise, Yellow-Lower, and Green-On Grade indications, even in his peripheral vision.
  • Out of Range Indication: Slow blinking out-of-range indications let the operator know which way to reach grade when he is out of the laser beam.
  • Beeper alarm: A beeper alarm can be turned on to alert the operator in the event of a lost laser beam, or out-of- working window range when using Sonic control.
  • Beam Search: With a push of a button, System Five will search for the laser transmitter and lock on-grade.
  • Unique dial type rotary grade knob:  Operators love the rotary dial type knob for adjusting grade. Just turn the knob one click to change grade 1mm (or .01’) or give it a spin to change grade many centimeters or a few feet. No need to push and hold a switch while the mast moves to a new grade elevation. Just quickly turn the knob to dial in the new grade setting into the large display! Topcon’s unique Trackerjack receiver or rugged TM-1 mast will automatically move to the new grade position
  • Elevation Offsets:  System Five’s unique Elevation Offset feature allows the operator to preset multiple different elevation settings, and then change grade on-the-go with one button push. Handy for multiple transmitter settings, changing grade between pads, or cutting/filling to different elevations. System Five does not just bump grade up and down by a predetermined amount. Instead, it lets you set exactly the elevations you want. And, you can change each individual reference setting at any time by simply turning the grade knob to the new number, eliminating the need to go back into a setup menu. Single System Five allows 3 different Elevation Offset settings, and Dual System Five allows 5.
  • Remote Switch Capability:  System Five puts operation at your fingertips with remote switches for convenient multi-function control.
  • Precise, proportional hydraulic valve control: Valve outputs are controlled to the center of the dead band for more accurate grade and repeatability. Multiple valve control type, including Danfoss, proportional solenoid, and CAN interface for machines that provide OEM interface.
  • Simple hydraulic gain adjustment: Soft sand or heavy clay, wet or dry, rough cutting or finishing. To accommodate changing job conditions, you can easily adjust the hydraulic speed in moments right from the control box
  • Widest range of slope control: With Dual System Five, the rugged slope sensor can be plugged on to control up to 1:1 slopes (100%).

Features that provide Reliability and Compatibility

  • Tough, rugged, construction: Cast aluminum housing is built for the abuse that is going to happen. Environmentally sealed switches are more reliable, and the flush design makes them less subject to damage than toggle switches.
  • Compact design: The operator switches, main system processor, and valve drive control all in one housing reduces system cables and connections. No extra interface box required for valve control.
  • Reverse voltage and over-voltage protection: Protects the control box when the machine is jump-started.
  • Current limiting protection: Valve drivers will not fail due to shorted cables or valve coils.
  • Metal electrical connectors: Large, tough bayonet style connectors have quick-turn disconnect for simple installation and removal of cables. Plus, there are no threads to cross-thread or cease up.
  • Compatible with all Topcon 2D Sensors: As job applications change from laser control for cutting pads, or sonic control for tracking curbs or string to lay stone, or slope control for grading streets or banks, any Topcon sensor can just be plugged in.
    • Manual Mast Laser Receiver provides automatic control at an economy price.
    • Unique Laser Trackerjack Receiver combines the World’s largest elevation adjustment capability with a lightweight, simple to take on-off design. No huge electric mast to lug or roll around in the back of a pickup!
    • TM-1 Mast can be plugged in for extreme rugged applications.
    • Any Sonic Tracker Sonic Tracker built since 1989 can be plugged in. Take one off your asphalt paver or grader and plug it into the same connector as the laser receiver.
    • Slope Sensor compatible, standard or wide range – up to 100%.
  • Flash upgradable: Your Topcon System will not become obsolete as Topcon introduces new features and innovations. In fact, your Topcon dealer can provide software upgrades from a PC right in the field.